1922 New Haven pocket watch

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1922 New Haven pocket watch

February 7, 1853 - The New Haven Clock Company is founded in New Haven, Connecticut by Hiram Camp (1811‑1892) and other clockmakers.
The company's mission is to mass produce inexpensive brass clock movements for use in clocks made by Camp's uncle, Chauncy Jerome, founder of the the Jerome Manufacturing Company, located nearby.

At this time, the Jerome Manufacturing Company is a huge success, producing more than 440,000 clocks and timepieces per year.

Early 1856 - The Jerome Manufacturing Company goes bankrupt due to a poor business investment by its founder, Chauncy Jerome.

April, 1856 - The New Haven Clock Company buys out Jerome's operation. They move their production to the former Jerome factory. New Haven begins making clocks under their own trademark.

c. 1860 - The New Haven Clock Company annual clock production is now about 170,000 clocks annually. Their workforce numbers 300 men and 15 women.

c. 1866 - The New Haven (formerly Jerome) factory burns down and is rebuilt and expanded.

c. 1870 - Some of New Haven's clocks are marketed under the Jerome & Co. brand.

c. 1880 - The New Haven Clock Company continues to prosper; their clock production this year is valued at close to $500,000.