1930s Motorcycles Buco Skull Cloth Cap & Goggles

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1930s Motorcycles Buco Skull Cloth Cap & Goggles

rated 7, the skull cap has wear but is in good condition, the goggles the blue lenses are good, the rubber is hard.

Old Buco motorcycle leather skull cap with wool lining and a pair of riding goggles that came with it that are unmarked.

Buco or the Joseph Buegeleisen Company was started in the 1930s and located in Detroit,Michigan. They produced a whole line of motorcycle accessories including caps,hats.helmets and leather jackets. The cap has an early Buco cloth tag and is in very nice original condition with no tears and still supple leather. The goggles band that extends around your head has torn and been tied together but they still would display well on a mannequin head.