1946 Parker Roller Beacon petrol lighter

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Parker Roller Beacon, London
Made In: England
Year: ca.1936
Material:  chromium plated brass
Fuel: Petrol
Mechanism: long roller lift arm with horizontal external flint tube
Dimensions: 4,9 cm x 3,5 cm
Conditions: NEW

Parker company was founded in 1928 by Alfred Dunhill. Parker lighters and pipes were targeting a bit different group of customers than the Dunhill which was an absolute top. The quality of Parker lighters was still very high I would say the same  as Dunhill's (they were made in the same factories, the same material had been used) although Parker brand name was known by their customers for offering  their products for reasonable price rather than being synonymous to pure luxury as Dunhill's  brand-name had been. In UK Parker products hadn't been offered in Dunhill's London shop on Duke street - they had been promoted separately. In Paris and New York Dunhill and Parker products were together in one shop.  Some models like Service or Silent Flame had been marketed even under both brand names. Some technical improvements were first realized under Parker brand and when proven useful they were also used by Dunhill ( for example the  long roller instead of the double wheel), some patents were exchanged or shared  between both companies. For example Dunhill's most successful model The Rollalite (later Rollagas) invented by Swiss La National factory was first marketed in 1938 in France under Parker brand-