Andrew Hull for Cobridge Stoneware Clock, Caught in Time

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Andrew Hull for Cobridge Stoneware Clock, Caught in Time


Size 29 cm L x 13 cm W x 26 cm H


Hand painted mantel clock with grotesque figural birds. Green and tan coloration. Cobridge Stoneware marked on the underside. Cobridge calligraphy on the clock face. Clock face: 3"D.


Artist: Andrew Hull

Manufacturer: Cobridge Stoneware

Country of Origin: England


Cobridge Stoneware was a short-lived pottery company born out of the fascination of the head of one of the leading potteries for a process that died with its inventor early in the twentieth century.

Hugh Edwards, owner of Moorcroft, was keen to develop the ideas of William Howson Taylor - the man behind the closely guarded secrets of Ruskin Pottery. A new company and name was needed for the new range - Moorcroft is known and recognized universally by its distictive appearance. Cobridge, an area of The Potteries, was featured in the Industrial Landscapes that were planned to furnish some of the designs for the new range. Its skyline was dominated in earlier years by bottle kilns, now mainly demolished, and Cobridge was chosen as the new name.