Antique Brass compass. London: Watkins & Hill, [ ca. 1840s ].

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Antique Brass compass. London: Watkins & Hill, [ ca. 1840s ]. Compass with hinged lid, magnetic needle, 2 levels. Approximately 13 cm  diameter. Some tarnishing. In original wooden box with hinged lid, with paper notes. Some wear to box. Near fine.

London 1840s


Height: 18 cm

Width:  15 cm

Depth: 15 cm

Watkins & Hill 1818 - 1856


BASED: London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

traded at 5 Charing Cross, London, England; partnership between Francis Watkins and William Hill (active 1810-47); Firm founded by Francis Watkins (bap. 1723, d.1791, active 1747-84); about 1747 - began trading in own right at Sir Isaac Newton's Head, 4/5 Charing Cross (1747); Charing Cross (1774-82) & 5 Charing Cross (1782-4), London, England; 1758-1761 - agreement with John Dollond (1706–1761); 1763-1774 - partnership with Addison Smith as Watkins & Smith; 1784 - Francis Watkins retired and was succeeded by his nephews Jeremiah Watkins (d. 1810) and Walter Watkins (d. 1798); 1810 - William Hill (d.1847), an employee, ran the business; 1818 - Jeremiah's son Francis Watkins (1800-1847) became a partner and the firm traded as Watkins & Hill; 1856 - acquired from the family by the C A and F H Elliott, sons of William Elliott, a mathematical instrument maker; succeeded by Elliott Brothers and associated with Negretti & Zambra