Antique, Luxury Apricot Palmette hand-fan by Duvelleroy Paris.

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Antique, Luxury Apricot Palmette hand-fan by Duvelleroy Paris. Green Ostrich Feather Fan with Faux Tortoise Shell Sticks!  Original box ,made in FRANCE.

1903 signed Duvelleroy Paris

A unique piece. 

Size 70 x 59 cm

By the late nineteenth century, the Parisian house of Duvelleroy was one of the most renowned fan purveyors in the western world. Éventailliste (fan maker) Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy (1802-1889) founded his company in 1827. Not only did Duvelleroy oversee the artistry of his namesake designs, he also patented important elements of their manufacture, such as an improved pleating mold and innovative hardware. Duvelleroy matched artistic and mechanical inclinations with keen business acumen, planning workshop space and boutiques to support an ample profit. By 1845, his workshops were located at 17, Passage des Panoramas, a well-known shopping arcade, and his boutique opened at 15, Rue de la Paix. The Paris-based house would change addresses over the years, but boutiques were always located near the latest tony shopping areas, such as the Boulevard des Capucines and Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris.