Beautiful Art Deco Agfa Ansco PD 16 , made in USA 1930s.

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Beautiful Art Deco Agfa Ansco PD 16 , made in USA 1930s.

Size Open

90 x 185 x 147 m

Size Closed

90 x 185 x 35 m

Iconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated

  • Produced during the main Art Deco period.
  • Geometric chrome strips and glossy black enamel on side panels.
  • Glossy black enamel and chrome on face plate.
  • Chrome and black enamelled struts.
  • Chrome door lock.
  • Small chevron pattern on body leatherette.
  • Ornate chrome film winder.
  • Chrome detailing on viewfinder.
  • Chrome detailing on table stand.
  • Chrome film door lock
  • Agfa rhombus logo on body leatherette.
  • Agfa Ansco logo impressed in strap.

The Agfa-Ansco PD16 Plenax camera was manufactured by the Agfa company from 1935 to approximately 1941. Designed as a low cost folding bed roll film camera. It is capable of capturing eight exposures of 2½ x 4¼ inch or 16 exposures of 2½ x 2⅛ on no. 616 film. A mask for the film plane is provided to be used to obtain the smaller 16 exposures. This camera features a swivelling brilliant finder, tripod sockets and two covered red windows. Three lens options are available including an Antar f/14, a Tripar F/11 or a Hypar F/6.3. The Antar f/14 is fitted with a simple leaf shutter providing time and instantaneous functions. There is a socket for cable release.

The aperture range is f/14 to f/32. It also has a yellow filter that can be swung into place when on the f/14 setting. The yellow filter can be used to emphasize cloud effects and for better colour rendition of landscapes and flowers.

The Agfa PD16 Clipper was a completely different collapsing design, but accepting the same film size.

All of the punctuation variations PD 16, PD-16, and PD16 may be encountered, as the company itself was not consistent.