Beautiful, green, vintage articulated enamel fish pendant.

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Beautiful, green, vintage articulated enamel fish pendant.

Silver Sterling.

Made in China 1920-30s ( export jewelry )

Size 4 cm


Fish have different symbolic meanings in China: wealth, courage, abundance, regeneration, harmony, fidelity, happiness. Specifically catfish and koi had special meanings for happy marriage, fidelity and love and were often represented in jewelry given as wedding gifts.

Fish were appreciated not only for their beauty, admirable characteristics, but also for their ability to provide food during long winter months. Today it might feel a little strange, or at least not fashionable, to wear a large life like fish necklace pendant. However, keeping in mind all of these positive attributes, fish themed jewelry must have been worn for luck and happiness and the wearer must have felt very grateful to have such a special piece.