Lithograph David Alfaro Siqueiros “El Canto General “ by Pablo Neruda Series of 10. Mexico 1968

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Lithograph David Alfaro Siqueiros “El Canto General “ by Pablo Neruda Series of 10. Mexico 1968

Size: 57.5 x 102.5 cm

Hand signed JJ / Arches

Each of the 10 black & white lithographs in the Canto General series is signed by artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, and initialed by the printer. The series is a special edition on Arches, and the titles are from the three stanzas: The Heights of Macchu Picchu; Heart Magelllan, Poets Celestial; The Beggars & The Poet, though they are not titled.

It is known that poet Pablo Neruda and Siqueiros had been friends, hence his relationship to the poetry. The illustrations arose after Siqueiros was released from prison and he fled to Chili.

DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS (Mexico City, 1896 - Cuernavaca, Morelos, 1974)

VI, from the Canto general folder, 1968

Signed in pencil Lithograph 181 / 200 Printed by the Mourlot Workshop, Paris. "Canto general" was one of the masterpieces of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, which was first published in Mexico in 1950 at the Talleres Gráficos de la Nación, the edition had original illustrations by David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. In 1968 at the request of a foreign company, Neruda and Siqueiros made a special folder with a selection of poems from the "Canto general" and 10 lithographs, some in black and white, and later one or another chromatically intervened with the application of two to three colors. . Prior to publication, Siqueiros had already selected the 10 pieces with which he would make the plates for the folder, this during one of his imprisonments. Thus, under the title "Pablo Neruda, poems from the Canto general", the folder was printed by Fernando Mourlot, who sent an expert printer to Mexico with the necessary material to carry out the lithographic process; however, the final work was printed in Paris. Of them only 200 went to trade.