Mexican bronze Sculpture by Jennifer Troice “ untitled “

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Mexican bronze Sculpture by Jennifer Troice “ untitled “

Size 18 x 18 x 5 cm

Jennifer H. Troice (Texas, 1987) is a Mexican sculptor who began her artistic career in music, first on the piano and later on the harp, an instrument she studied at the National Conservatory of Music at the age of eleven. Her work material is bronze and her pieces have been exhibited in both private and public spaces in Mexico City.

She had her first approaches to sculpture at the American School, where she participated in the IB Art program, which was decisive for her artistic training. Later, she honed her knowledge at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston (2005), where she completed studies in human body drawing, engraving, welding, and casting. Before she was 22 years old, she produced the piece "Imagine" (2008), her first monumental sculpture, which adorns the lobby of the ABC Hospital Oncology building.

Jennifer Troice's sculptural practice is characterized by her modern style, but far from abstraction. The forms that she projects are always recognizable, however, they are framed in what the artist calls “minimalist geometry”. In them, the influence of cubism is recognized in the accentuated angles, which contrast with the organic forms underlying the objects, animals and human figures that serve as inspiration.