Mexican Sereno horn whistle

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Antique Mexican Sereno horn whistle. Early 1900s

Size 7 x 2 cm

Sereno, the night manager of guarding the streets and regulating public lighting, announced the time and atmospheric variations.

Sometimes armed with a club and used a whistle to raise an alarm if necessary and communicate with the other watchmen.

They date from the 18th century

They protected the streets from robberies and assaults, avoiding fights, even domestic fights, giving fire warnings and providing help to anyone who needed it.

They carried a lantern in hand, and this was not necessary from when public lighting in the streets became popular.

The first watchmen are documented in the year 1715, creating the body of watchmen on April 12, 1765.

The name of serene comes from the fact that they went down the street singing the time and the weather, eleven o'clock and serene, two o'clock and rainy.