Vintage Ducati 175 TS Helmet with Climax goggles

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Vintage Ducati 175 TS Helmet with Climax goggles - 24 horas motociclistas de Montjuich ( Barcelona ) 1963

Helmet - 1957-1958-1960-1962 vencedor absolutos

The Montjuïc circuit is a former street circuit located on the Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The circuit was also the venue for the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix from 1950 to 1968

1957 was not just the year when early Taglioni-designed “road” Ducatis were launched; indeed, on the same year Ducati literally took the motorcycle markets worldwide by storm. 

As a matter of fact on the same year the company from Borgo Panigale launched the 175 T, the first motorcycle designed for mid and long distance trips, fitted with an enhanced version of the bevel gear, one-cylinder engine. It was an innovative bike and as such it had to be supported by a well-thought-out and effective “marketing operation” to highlight its quality and reliability.

The right chance materialised in September 1957, when two Ducati employees, former rider Leopoldo Tartarini and Giorgio Monetti, set out on an incredible tour of the world on two Ducati 175 T, suitably fitted for such an ambitious feat of human endeavour. After crossing five continents and four revolutions, in September 1958 the two friends completed such an incredible adventure, which made them famous all over the world and contributed to characterising Ducati as the most performing and celebrated Italian motorcycle brand.