Alfredo Zalce (Michoacan 1908 - 2003) "Cabeza" 1991

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Alfredo Zalce (Michoacan 1908 - 2003)

"Cabeza" 1991

Hand Signed, dated, titled and serialized in pencil

Lithograph 33/159

Size 41 X 42 printed area

Alfredo Zalce Torres (12 January 1908 – 19 January 2003) was a Mexican artist and contemporary of Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros and other better-known muralists. He worked principally as a painter, sculptor, and engraver, also taught, and was involved in the foundation of a number of institutions of culture and education. He is perhaps best known for his mural painting, typically imbued with "fervent social criticism". He is acclaimed as the first artist to borrow the traditional material of coloured cementas the medium for a "modern work of art". Publicity-shy, he is said to have turned down Mexico's Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes before finally accepting it in 2001. Before his death, Sotheby'sdescribed him as "the most important living Mexican artist up to date".