Antique 1930s Kilgore Cast Iron Orange Roadster

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Antique 1930s Kilgore Cast Iron Orange Roadster

Here is a very nice all original Kilgore Stutz Roadster with the nickeled wheels. Original orange paint.

Size 15.5 x 5.5 x 6 cm

The Kilgore Manufacturing Company was started in 1912 by Joseph D. Kilgore in Homestead, Pennsylvania to manufacture small cast iron cap pistols and mechanical toys. In 1918, Kilgore moved its operation to Westerville, Ohio. At one time, Kilgore was the largest toy cap pistol maker in the United States. Kilgore expanded its product line in 1929 with the establishment of the International Flare-Signal Division in Tippecanoe City, Ohio. During World War II, Kilgore became very active in the manufacturing of munitions and pyrotechnic devices.