Antique, Large 1940s, 16 Inch Denoyer-Geppert Co Lecture Platform Globe.

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Antique, Large 1940s, 16 Inch Denoyer-Geppert Co Lecture Platform Globe.


Size 60 x 50 cm


Denoyer-Geppert Co. Cartocraft 16 inch globe... Edited by L.P. Denoyer... Denoyer-Geppert Co. Chicago. c 1947-1953. Dull paper gores over plasterboard, later time dial at North Pole. Oceans finished in pea green with International Date Line, Ecliptic, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and large analemma. Cast bronze full ring meridian in moveable cradle mounted to decorative lecture platform stand.


Denoyer-Geppert Science Co. is an Illinois-based manufacturer of scientific models, charts, and simulators, which are produced primarily as teaching tools for health and science education with a focus on human anatomy, biology, and chemistry.

The Denoyer-Geppert Company was founded in 1916 by L. Philip Denoyer and Otto E. Geppert.  Mr. Denoyer, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, was a teacher, principal, and professor of geography before founding his company.  Mr. Geppert was a salesman who had been working for W & AK Johnston, mapmakers out of Chicago.  In 1913, Geppert found Denoyer teaching in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and convinced him to leave and become an adviser for A. J. Nystrom & Co. in Chicago.  In 1916 after both had careers working for Chicago mapmakers, they formed their own mapmaking business under their own names, with Denoyer as President and Geppert as Sales Manager and Secretary/Treasurer.  Mr. Denoyer died in 1964 at the age of 88, but had retired from the company in 1947.  Although he was retired and spent the remainder of his life on his farm in Illinois, he continued on as a consulting editor until his death. Mr. Geppert became president of the company upon Denoyer’s death, becoming Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1968. He would pass away in 1970 at the age of 80.