Francesca dalla Benetta “ La Vida - Choose “

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“ La Vida - Choose “ 34 x 912 x 12 cm (HxWxD) – 3 kg
Serie of 6

La Vida – Choose is a bronze bust, with 4 different hands.
Many layers of significance are contain in this piece.
The hair compose the words LA VIDA, that in Spanish mean LIFE. Also she has the word choose on the right part of the head. The artist plays with the words, inviting to choose, not to choose life, but to choose whatever you think is good for you, because life is a choice.
Also, the piece is a beautiful interactive game when yu can CHOOSE what to do with it, moving the 4 hands around (literally they can turn) and also pick the hand you prefer in any given moment to communicate.
The contrast between the golden polish and the dark black and gray patinas speaks about contrasts, that somehow give LIFE meaning and worth.
The aesthetics could remind steampunk, where elegance and decadence of pasta and future meet
Any piece is handmade so the patina could be a little different from the picture

Francesca Dalla Benetta was born in Florence, Italy, on August 18, 1977.
After a truncated career in Physics, she studied the Bachelor of Arts in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, graduating in 2003.
She is specialized in Cinematographic Special Effects and Sculpture.
Since 2003 she has worked on numerous film projects such as Make Up Artist and as a Sculptor.
She has 15 individual and even more collective exhibitions as a sculptor, at an international level.
Since 2009 Francesca is dedicated to teaching (sculpture and special effects), individually or in groups, She is FX teacher in IDIP (Institute of Design and Professional Image). She has taught in different institutions such as Tec de Monterrey in San Luis Potosí and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.