Gaucho Stainless Steel Blade Knife

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Stainless Steel Blade Knife. Schmieden 14 Cm Encased In Double Alpaca Ferrule And Premium Fine Braiding With Exclusive Fine Ecru Leather Sheath.
Size 24 cm , blade knife 14 cm.

The Gaucho, is the South America Cowboy. And although they are not as predominate as they once were throughout the ‘Pampas’ of Argentina, their most prized possession was, and still remains today, is his knife! The Gauchos were known for never carrying a gun, only his ‘Cuchillo’ knife. It was his only tool and used for everything; from cleaning his horses hooves, cutting his steak, even settling a disagreement. Their knives were fondly referred to as 'The Peacemaker' !