NASA Laser-Gard Safety Goggles.

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NASA Laser-Gard Safety Goggles.

Glendale Optical Co. Unused condition. Made in USA 1990s

LGA Neodymium-Gallium Arsenide

From the Estate of Charles Bell space auction in May of 2000 .

The Ultimate Collector
NASA KSC engineer Charles Bell was appalled at the quantity and quality of material that was being scrapped as the Space Program moved on from the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo era. Bell decided to “rescue” as much of the hardware as he could. He purchased tons (literally) of materials that were being sold for scrap. He hoped to create a museum someday. He quickly became overwhelmed by the volume of items he salvaged. Where do you put a surplus $10 million Atlas rocket that you bought for scrap for $10? His museum-in-waiting became a junkyard - and then several junkyards.
Bell died unexpectedly at age 57 in February 2000, and his dream of a museum died with him. He left 56 tractor trailers of material spread over 7 acres at 2 sites, not to mention the trailers that Bell kept at his house in Merritt Island. However, Bell’s passing created a bonanza for collectors of space artifacts. A huge auction in May 2000 sold off Bell’s estate.