Opium pipe Indonesia, 19th century.

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Opium pipe Indonesia, 19th century.


Size : L 12.5cm.



Gérald Minkoff (1937-2009) and Muriel Olesen (1948-2020), Geneva.

Gérald Minkoff and Muriel Olesen

Muriel Minkoff-Olesen (1948-2020) completed her training at the School of Design in Geneva. Gérald Minkoff (1937-2009) was a trained anthropologist and biologist.

Both gained fame as artists and from their meeting in 1967, the symbolic couple of contemporary art were inseparable. The travel-loving duo Olesen-Minkoff explored life like curious nomads and roamed the globe from Africa to Asia, Oceania and America to Patagonia.

As artists and experienced collectors of contemporary art, they understandably also had a strong sensitivity to the aesthetics and concepts of non-European art.

The couple's Geneva apartment, perhaps their most beautiful collaborative work, thus became a place where the works of close friends such as Daniel Spoerri, Arman and Man Ray, as well as their own photographs, lived together with almost a thousand objects from Africa, Oceania, Asia and South America.