Original Japanese Kuniteru II Utagawa (Kunitsuna II) - 1830-1874

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Original Japanese Kuniteru II Utagawa (Kunitsuna II) - 1830-1874

Samurai battle

Size 35 x 25 cm

Kuniteru II Utagawa was a pupil of the famous ukiyo-e master Kunisada Utagawa. The woodblock prints designed by Kuniteru II are typical for the late Edo period and the transformation to the Edo period (1868-1912).


Kuniteru II Utagawa was born as Yamada Kunijiro in 1830. He was a pupil of Kunisada Utagawa (1786-1865). The subjects of his ukiyo-e designs show a bit of all genres that were common during the late Edo period - actor prints, sumo wrestlers, bijin-ga and views from the modernization and westernization of Japan. His works represent the ongoing changes in Japan from the old Edo to the Meiji era. Kuniteru's prints show traditional ukiyo-e scenes as well as images from the beginning industrialization of Japan.

Kuniteru II Utagawa is also known as Kunitsuna II. He died in 1874.

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