Rare 50,000 lire, Leonardo da Vinci, Italian republic, decree 03-07-1967

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Very Rare 50,000 lire, Leonardo da Vinci,  Italian republic, decree 03-07-1967, signatures: Carli-Febbraio R2 conservation XF.

This first banknote, Type 1967, has on the obverse the representation of Leonardo da Vinci, taken from a self-portrait existing in the museum of the royal palace in Turin. In the central part there are geometric motifs composed of an intertwining of Vincian knots, which encloses a coat of arms in the center with the inscription on three lines ACADEMIA.LEONARDI.VIN.

The reverse has an intaglio vignette reproducing a view of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo. On the vignette, at the bottom right, the name of the engraver.