Roman Socketted Spearhead

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Roman Socketted Spearhead

2rd-3th century AD

An iron spearhead with tongue-shaped blade and thick midrib, flare to the end of each blade at the neck, tapering split socket with ribbing to the mouth.

Material: iron

Dated: Roman, 2st / 3th century AD

Dimensions: 22 x 3 cm

weight 124 gr.

Origin: England

Condition: in good condition


lot has been acquired in a legal manner.

The lot originates from an old English collection, early 1980s.

Iron javelin spearhead meant to be mounted on a pole and used as a throwing javelin spear from the back of a cavalry horse by a mounted soldier.  It was used by the Roman military and is a superb example in rare, complete condition.  Roman cavalry employed a variety of spears and javelins, some thrown and some used for repeated stabbing of enemy soldiers.  The thickness of the socket indicated the heft of the pole they were mounted on.  Large poles with small heads were ideal for repeated use where the pole would not break and the head would not get stuck in an enemy's body.  Larger heads with smaller diameter poles and shafts were designed for throwing where the larger head added weight for power in the throw, and the narrower shaft aided flight.  With a complete socket!