Vintage 1950s Teisco TM-4 dynamic microphone

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Vintage 1950s Teisco TM-4 dynamic microphone dual Z Satin Chrome with cable.

This model was produced by Calrad, Midland, AMD and a few other Japanese manufacturers at the time and it comes with the original short cable shown.
 The one stark difference between this TM-4 model and the other Japanese mics was the unique front screen and the TM-4 model had the interesting dual impedance switch on the bottom of the mics head. It should be noted though that while the mic works and has a good signal it only works on the High impedance setting. There is no signal when switched on the Low impedance setting.
 This microphone closely resembles the famous Astatic 77 both in size and styling. The Lafayette mics never measured up near the same sound quality as the American counterparts but that being said they have a beautiful design with high quality finish. It should be stated that this mic has been tested and cleaned. This microphone does have the original element as well. It has a smooth strong tone and these are often great harp mics though they were intended for general broadcasting. Could even be used for singing though it has it's limitations. The ON / OFF switch slides smoothly without issue and as seen in the pictures provided the satin chrome finish is overall very nice with a minimum of wear.