wonderful vintage DeVilbiss perfume atomizer from the 1930s.

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wonderful vintage DeVilbiss perfume atomizer from the 1930s. It is an orb made of gold plated crackle glass with a gold silk mesh atomizer ball.

It is in good condition but the mesh ball no longer squeezes--it has hardened over the years making the atomizer unusable in its current condition.

CIRCA: 1930s


DIMENSIONS: H: 10 cm x  W: 10 cm

CONDITION: Good overall condition.


Founded in 1888, Toledo, Ohio physician Dr. Allen DeVilbiss combined a bulb, some tubing, and the base of an oil can to create the first atomizer for health care. In 1907, Thomas DeVilbiss, an inventor in his own right, experimented with adapting the original atomizer to create a spray gun to meet the challenges of spray finishing. Mass production was beginning to evolve, and Thomas DeVilbiss' spray gun technology proved to be a revolutionary addition to the paint and lacquer coating applications on furniture and automotive finishing. Spraying the material reduced drying time to hours instead of weeks, and the spraying of paint replaced hand brushing, helping to increase productivity.