1927 Danish D08 KTAS telephone - Copenhagen Telephone Company

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Beautiful antique Danish D08 KTAS telephone - Copenhagen Telephone Company in a rarely NEW condition with original box. Designed in 1908 and updated in 1927 with a rotating dial.
It is made of metal and Bakelite, it is in excellent condition, like new. Totally original. It keeps all its original parts, which provide 50% of the value of an old phone. This phone even keeps its original cardboard box. This phone must have been used very little or not at all because it is like new. Very rarely can we offer a phone in these excellent condition and totally original. The line and headphone cables are the original ones, they are covered with fabric and in excellent condition.
The telephone base is made of metal and the handset is made of Bakelite, with the accessories made of Brass. The disc is made of metal.We have made the necessary adaptations for him to work on the current telephone lines. We have installed it on our Telmex line, and we can make and receive calls normally.

Copenhagen Telephone Company, Public telephone service in Denmark was instituted by International Bell Telephone Company, which in 1881 opened a central office in Copenhagen. In 1882 the business was taken over by the Kjobenhavns Telefonselskab, which was the Copenhagen Telephone Company, and in 1894 by Copenhagen Telephone Company, Incorporated, (Kjobenhavns Telefon Aktieselskab or KTAS) under the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark. The company was owned in part by the Danish government and was the sole supplier of telephone service on the Danish islands of Zealand, w Copenhagen is located. In 1912 the Copenhagen Main Exchange introduced a telephone set that was manufactured at Telefon Fabrik Automatic in Copenhagen. Prior to the development of this set, wall telephones were the most common, as table models cost extra.