1950s S.T. Dupont gas cigarette lighter

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Very Rare Vintage S.T. Dupont gas cigarette lighter, produced-1950's.MADE IN FRANCE.
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Composition Collection
Object Pocket lighter
Model / Type
Period 1953-1960
Material Silver plated
Manufacturer/ Brand S.T. Dupont
Country of Origin France
Condition New in original box
Serial Number W 5 1 0 7
Size 4.5 x 3x5 cm
Simon Tissot - Dupont’s company founded in 1872 was making luxury leather goods. First petrol lighters were made in early 30s.
In war times, when quality material was hard to achieve, Dupont lighters were made of aluminium, the company quickly returned to high quality materials after the war, great series of petrol lighters were made from that time untill mid 50s and there were Dupont petrol lighters produced even later.
The first gas lighter made by ST Dupont was introduced in 1953 under D57 code mark, when the roller was turned the nozzle jumped up and the gas automatically begun to flow, closed lid pushed the nozzle back to the position. Petrol model of the same size and look had been produced in the same time.
The next gas Dupont marked BS (Briquet Simple) following in 1959 was a bit wider than D57 . The production of Dupont BS ended in early 70s but authorized Dupont service will accept it for repair even today. The size of this dependable model was the same as of today’s Line 1 Dupont lighters.
In 1965 Dupont’s most successful lighter was introduced, it was marked BR (Briquet Reglable). The lighter had adjustable flame and automatic stop of the gas flow during the flint change. Today’s Line 1 lighters don’t have this function anymore.