19th Century Harris & Harrington Brass Carriage Clock.

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19th Century Harris & Harrington Brass Carriage Clock.

A 19th century Harris & Harrington brass carriage clock. The clock is a French, 8 day, carriage style clock with a brass handle on the top and a glass window accent. The clock has a brass frame with four beveled glass panels that display a white Enamel face with black Arabic numbers and hands, brass gears and a glass door to the verso with a knob and latch. The clock stands on a plinth style brass base with bracket feet. The clock is stamped to the verso ‘H&H’.

Size 11 x 8 x 6 cm

In the early 1880s the firm J.J. Elliott, Ltd, of London manufactured massive hall clock movements of the highest quality. They were in at the start of a great resurgence of interest in longcase clocks in Britain and America. In 1884 Mr. J. Harrington of the firm Harris and Harrington obtained a patent for bell chimes (tubular bells) and had Elliott adapt these to the (Elliott) movements. Elliott produced movements for for the next 40 years and were always the quality standard for the industry. The Elliott Clock Company also marketed complete clocks with their movements.
“Harris and Harrington” were J.J.Elliott's “sole agents to the trade” in the US. H&H also made cases into which they installed Elliott movements and Harrington chime tubes (made by John Harrington of Coventry, England, often credited as the inventor of the tubular bell chime). This is a bit confusing as the “H&H” Harrington was Allen Wardner Harrington of the United States. It is not clear if he was related to John Harrington of England.
It is also interesting to note that, at the same time, Walter H. Durfee of Rhode Island, Frank Herschede of Cincinatti, R.J. Horner in NY and about a dozen others were doing much the same thing, making cases for Elliott's movements with John Harrington's tubular bell chimes. Tallcase clocks made by any of this group with these components are still a prized treasure today.