Abraham Lincoln Bank Bottle Glass

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President Abraham Lincoln Bank Bottle Glass Metal Top Syrup Massachusetts


Size 25 x 9 cm

Syrup Abraham Lincoln Bank Lid screws on without problemMeasures: approx 8.5 inches tall. From Brown University Library:Abraham Lincoln Raspberry Syrup/Bank BottlePatented in 1952, this interesting glass bottle shaped like Abraham Lincoln was produced by the Lincoln Fruit and Syrup Co. in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It is an example of the ubiquitousness of Lincoln’s image in 20th century America. The design was based on an 1898 glass bottle shaped like Uncle Sam, as well as the classic piggy bank of the 20th century. Once the Lincoln bottle was empty; the lid could be cut so as to make a slot for coins. It was the first combination syrup/bank bottle ever produced. In 1954, the company changed its name to Lincoln Foods.