Barclay Manoil Toy Cannon, 1930s.

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Antique Barclay Manoil Toy Cannon, 1930s. Measures about 8 cm long. Piece is in pretty good condition, some paint los.

Barclay Manufacturing was formed by Leon Donze and Michael Levy in about 1922. The name of the company came from Barclay Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. During the 1930s, the company was later based in North Bergen, New Jersey.

In its heyday Barclay produced 500,000 toys a week, making them the largest toy soldier manufacturer at that time in the United States. In 1939 Barclay acquired another toy soldier company, Tommy Toy and its art deco sculptor Olive Kooken. Soldier's uniforms followed military fashion of the times, replacing closed standing collars with open ones with shirt and tie. Wrap around puttees were replaced by canvas leggings. Prior to the company's temporary closing in 1942 the foot soldiers were purchased individually for a nickel.