Gerardo Vargas Frias "De vuelta a casa"

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Gerardo Vargas Frias

"De vuelta a casa"

Screen printing P/C (color proof)

Signed, titled and serialized in pencil.

Original cardboard box with an equal copy in serigraphy in a single ink in navy blue

Size 50 X 35 cm

After many years of studying the Mexican Revolution, Gerardo Vargas was able to address this theme in his serigraphy. In addition, he was advised by his father, the Chihuahuan historian Jesús Vargas Valdéz, with whom he shared information regarding the revolutionary movement in northern Mexico, in such a way that "I had no limitations in obtaining bibliographic, photographic and film material, images that are Very illustrative for screen printing design. The black and white part allowed me to be ironic and biting, it was a very clean experience as an artist”.

Gerardo Vargas Frías is a contemporary Chihuahuan artist who has known how to communicate with the public in his state, which responds clearly and forcefully to all of his artistic exhibitions, even in the commercial aspect, with the businessmen to whom he offers the creativity of him. Vargas Frías gives talks, conferences and workshops, which keeps him in constant contact with the young public.