Vintage 1980s Lionel train set #8506 switcher & tender.

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Vintage 1980s Lionel train set #8506 switcher & tender.


Lionel 8506 Pennsylvania 0-4-0 Die-Cast Steam Engine from 1987. It has a Type II AC motor with traction tire and 3-position electronic reverse. orig boxes & inserts, C8-9.

Size 57 x 15 cm with box

Lionel, LLC is an American designer and importer of toy trains and model railroads that is headquartered in Concord, North Carolina. Its roots lie in the 1969 purchase of the Lionel product line from the Lionel Corporation by cereal conglomerate General Mills and subsequent purchase in 1986 by businessman Richard P. Kughn forming Lionel Trains, Inc. in 1986. The Martin Davis Investment Group (Wellspring) bought Lionel Trains, Inc. in 1995 and renamed it Lionel, LLC.

Lionel trains are often sought by collectors, but the value of each piece can vary greatly. In general, older pieces tend to be more sought after due to age, rarity and nostalgia. The collector value of "modern era" Lionel trains has been limited by comparison to the trains produced by Lionel Corporation prior to 1969. As another generation grows nostalgic for this era, values may increase. As with any collectible, condition and rarity are important in assessing value