100000 lire Manzoni Italian republic, decree 03-07-1967

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100000 lire Manzoni Italian republic, decree 03-07-1967, signatures: Carli-February R2 conservation VF+

The simultaneous issue of 50,000 and 100,000 lire notes was decided for the first time by the government of Aldo Moro and by the Minister of the Treasury Emilio Colombo. In 1967 the value of 100,000 lire was very high, equivalent to one and a half salary of a worker. According to today's revaluation indices, the value of this banknote corresponded to an equivalent value of around € 1 000.

The first 100,000 lire banknote ever was the one dedicated to the writer Alessandro Manzoni. According to collectors it is one of the most beautiful and successful banknotes in the history of Italian paper money (first issue 1967; last issue 1979). This too, like many other republican banknotes, was designed by Trento Cionini. The back shows the panorama of Lecco located in "that branch of Lake Como" which is the setting for the Promessi sposi.