368 DINKY ZYGON MARAUDER (1979-1980)

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368 DINKY ZYGON MARAUDER (1979-1980)

The 368 Dinky Zygon Marauder was released probably just after the factory closure alongside the 363 Zygon Patroller. Both models were re-liveried versions of models that had been created by Dinky for Marks and Spencer the previous Christmas.

The name Zygon was presumably chosen for a range that ran to three vehicles because it sounded suitably ‘alien’ and therefore appealing to youngsters. The Marauder had two missiles fired from launchers that were also used on the 361 Zygon War Chariot.

Scale 1:43

Dinky Toys was the brand name for a range of die-cast zamak zinc alloy scale model vehicles, traffic lights, and road signs produced by British toy company Meccano Ltd. They were made in England from 1934 to 1979, at a factory in Binns Road in Liverpool.