Antique Great Northern Railroad Lock 1949

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Antique Great Northern Railroad Lock

Metal lock stamped G.N.R.Y. and 1949 S with brass GNRY key.  The lock is manufactured by the Slaymaker Lock Company of Lancaster, PA.  The key and lock works!


Size 10 x 8 cm

The lock company, Slaymaker, Barry and Company, was founded in 1888 by Samuel R. Slaymaker and John F. Barry of Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Samuel Slaymaker had become interested in switch and signal locks while working for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a civil engineer. In 1894 the company was reorganized and renamed the Slaymaker–Barry Company with Samuel Slaymaker as the principal stock holder, and John Barry and William F. Troast as junior partners. The company’s first locks filled the demand by the United States Government and various railroad companies for inexpensive locks.

On May 21, 1898 Slaymaker’s original manufacturing plant in Connellsville was destroyed by fire. Fortunately the buildings were insured and a new factory was constructed the same year.

In 1899 the company began making steam powered automobiles. S.R. Slaymaker sold his share of the company in 1900 when it was renamed from the Slaymaker-Barry Company to Baldwin Automobile Manufacturing Company. S.R. Slaymaker retained the lock manufacturing business which he moved to North Water Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His company traded under his name as S. R. Slaymaker.