Demetre Chiparus ( 1886-1947 ) Tender Promises, Circa 1925

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Demetre Chiparus ( 1886-1947 ) Tender Promises, Circa 1925
Cold-painted and part-silvered bronze and ivory
Signed on base: Chiparus
31 inches (78.7 cm) long

Depicting a kneeling Pierrot whispering in his Pierette's ear, on an onyx and marble rectangular stepped base

Sculptures of Chiparus represent the classical manifestation of Art Deco style in decorative bronze ivory sculpture. Traditionally, four factors of influence over the creative activity of the artist can be distinguished: Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, ancient Egyptian art, and French theatre. Early motion pictures were among his more notable subjects and were typified by figures with a long, slender, stylized appearance. Some of his sculptures were directly inspired by Russian dancers. For example, faces of “Persian Dance” figures reveal the likenesses of Vaslav Nijinsky and Ida Rubinstein, and the dress in “Starfish Girl” exactly reproduces the sketch for Goldfish’s dress from the ballet “Underwater kingdom” by Lev Annensky. Chiparus could have been influenced by Russian ballets indirectly, through the performances of French music halls and cabarets which bore traces of the strong impact of Russian ballet.