Antique and beautiful, figurative desk bell, bronze. Very Rare

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Antique and beautiful, figurative desk bell, bronze. Very Rare


Germany mid-1800s. Franziskaner-Brauerei München


Size 16 x 10 cm


The “Bräustatt bei den Franziskaner”, the oldest civil brewery in Munich near the Residenz, was first mentioned in 1363, founded by the authorized brewer Seidel Vaterstetter. The name can be traced back to the Franciscan monastery, which was diagonally opposite and whose name the brewery took over.


The Franziskaner brewery was relocated to Lilienberg in the eastern suburb of Au in 1841. Joseph Sedlmayr, owner of the Leist brewery, which was probably founded in the 15th century, and son of Spatenbräus Gabriel Sedlmayr the Elder. Ä., took a stake in the Franziskaner brewery in 1858 and became the sole owner in 1861. Four years later, in 1865, brewing operations at the Leist brewery on Sendlinger Strasse were discontinued and were only carried out at the Franziskaner brewery in the eastern suburb of Au. In 1872, the amber-colored Oktoberfest beer, the so-called Ur-Märzen, produced by the Franziskaner-Leist brewery, was served for the first time in the Schottenhamel tent at the Oktoberfest. It was a beer brewed in the Viennese style, which was brewed more strongly than the summer beer.