Kingdom of Italy 50 Lire Banco di Napoli 1914

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Kingdom of Italy 50 Lire Banco di Napoli decree 13-12-1914



Rarity: Rare

Grade: VF

The Banco of Naples is one of the most important and oldest historic banks, as its origins date back to the so-called public benches of charitable institutions, which arose in Naples between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially at a mount of piety founded in 1539 on a pledge to lend without interest, which in 1584 opened a case of deposits, recognised by a proclamation of the viceroy of Naples in the same year. According to some scholars its origin may be daten back to 1463, when Casa Santa dell'Annunziata was founded in Naples. It was started by Saint Cajetan, Italian Catholic Saint, It was started mainly to help the poor and needy from usuers, they used to demand high interest in returnThis would make the Bank of Naples the oldest bank in continuous operation till 2018, world-wide.