Salvador Dalí (after) Le Chevalier Chretien

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Salvador Dalí (after)
Le Chevalier Chretien

Lithograph on Arches vellum.
Size: 36 x 56 cm
From the ‘Les chevaux daliniens’ series.
Signed on the stone
Editions Armand et Georges Israel 1983
Authenticated by publisher’s blind stamp (edition published during the artist's lifetime and with his approval).


This is in excellent condition.

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) Dali is one of the greatest surrealists of our time, best known for his ability to translate dreams into artwork, hand painted dream photographs he called them. He was also a sculptor, filmmaker, writer and insane or just wanted people to believe he was insane. He dedicated his life to proving he was a genius. As a child he was often expelled from school. He was afraid of exposing his feet and had an intense fear of grasshoppers. He resided in Spain.